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Why African Mango has worked for me


Hey guys!

So I have recently started taking a natural fat burning supplement known as African Mango. Taking these along with my natural whey protein after workouts have been working a treat and I’d love to share this with you as I understand how difficult it is sometimes to get rid of that extra bit of belly fat!

African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) commonly known as the new ‘Miracle weight loss supplement’. Ladies, don’t be fooled by these buzz words being used today, there is NO pill that will magically burn away belly fat, although the combination of a clean and healthy diet as well as taking African mango’s each morning will your help towards your fat burning process.

I imagine you’re all wondering how they work and what the benefits really are?

African Mango’s contain soluble fibre that is similar to other water-soluble fibres (oats, apples etc…) and that it acts as a “bulk-forming” laxative. These fibres delay gastric emptying and therefore cause a slower and controlled absorption of glucose into the blood stream, which helps to control insulin levels and prevent insulin resistance.  In a nut shell, this whole process can help lower cholesterol.

I have always had quite a sluggish digestion and I’ve struggled with bloating and irregular bowel africanmangotabsmovements since I was a teen, I could have drank 8 pints of water a day along with a high fibre diet and still not noticed a difference. I’ve been taking these supplements for 2 weeks and I now have frequent bowel movement and less bloating. This makes me happy! 🙂

African Mango extract also heightens Leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells in our body, which is known too speed up our metabolism, boost our energy and leave us feeling less hungry.  From a personal point of view, I have always been a picker…especially once I’d got home from work…I’d pick on any sweet thing I could find! (Healthy of course)…but these were still extra calories I really shouldn’t have been eating before bed! Since I’ve been taking these I have stopped craving for food and have found it a lot easier to stick with my 5 meals a day plan.

I’ve noticed my energy levels have become more stable. My daily schedule consists of a 7am gym session followed by an 8 hour shift, then feeding my 5 year old and putting her to bed …Pheewww!  By 8pm I am still feeling energized and I’m squeezing in a few extra hours of ‘me time’ before bed. This makes me happy 🙂 Whereas before, I’d fall asleep with my head in a bedtime story.

In 2 weeks I have dropped 1kg, in body fat! Finally I am starting to see a set of abs, as well as a more lean and defined appearance. This makes me happy 🙂


I hope this answers any questions you had about African mango supplements. Please get in touch if you have any further questions, I’m always happy to help.

Thank you,


Becky x

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