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How to avoid weight gain in the winter.

So it’s freezing cold, raining and you have lost all motivation to drag yourself to gym. All you want to do is snuggle under a blanket and eat vast amounts of stodge. If like us you tend to find you gain unwanted fat during the winter months, here are a few tips to ensure you don’t give yourself too much hard work come January!

Train in the mornings – It may be hard to get out of bed a little earlier when its dark and cold but getting your training session in first thing means you are free to go home after work and put your slippers on.

Have a good breakfast – Simply ensuring you have a decent breakfast could be the difference between hitting the biscuit tin after dinner and not. Begin your day with low GI carbs and a quality sauce of protein, like a warming bowl of oats with a scoop of NWC Whey Protein. The perfect start to a cold winter’s day.

Make some clever food swops – Try swopping that huge pile of mashed potato for a huge pile of mashed squash and carrots. You could save yourself up to 200 calories per portion and covered in gravy you won’t even notice!

Bake healthy treats – Instead of trying to avoid all temptation why not try making some healthy treats that you can enjoy without adding to your waist line. We love these Chocolate Orange Protein Flapjacks.

Get your bikini/trunks on! – Were not suggesting you walk around like this, but a weekly trip to the swimming pool or even the sauna can really help. It’s easy to allow weight gain during the winter, when we can hide under big clothes. Having to don your swimwear in public can be enough to keep you on track.

Get a gym buddy – even if you like to train alone during the warmer months, having a training partner during the colder months when motivation drops can really help. You are far less likely to miss your gym session if you have arranged to meet someone there.

Give these tips and see if you can come out of winter just as you entered it.

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