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How To Make ‘Clean’ Eating’ Tastier!

Firstly, what does it mean to eat ‘clean’? There are many different opinions on what this term means, but ultimately it is consuming food in its most natural state – or in other words unprocessed. Eating ‘clean’ is not a diet and it does not have a timescale. Therefore it is a good way to ensure you are consuming lots of whole foods which is one of the best ways to ensure optimum health.

So we have established what ‘clean’ eating means and that is a good lifestyle choice. However, unless you are a culinary whiz you may end up facing platefuls of uninspiring food in your quest for body beautiful. This absolutely does NOT need to be the case! With a little imagination (or help from us and our good friend Protein Chef) you can enjoy healthy, tasty, ‘clean’ food that nourishes your body and your taste buds!

Here are a few tips to liven up your meals.

Use onion and garlic as the base for everything! Fry in a little coconut or olive oil before adding your meat or veggies and you will be surprised how much more tasty it is.

Experiment with herbs and spices. If you go down this aisle in the supermarket you will be bombarded with hundreds of different options. Work your way through the herb and spice rack to find your favourites. Just be careful to check them for added salt and sugar.

Try adding soy or Worchester sauce whilst cooking – a couple of splashes of either (or both) and your meals are tastier!

Balsamic vinegar and mustard make a great fat free salad dressing. Shop bought varieties are very often loaded with sugar.

Whilst not strictly ‘clean’ as the ingredients are processed Walden Farms sauces are also great for those on a restricted carbohydrate diet or those who wish to use sugar free alternatives to normal table top sauces.

If you like the look of these ideas, why not check out more of Protein Chef’s recipes by following the links below.





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