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Does ‘Healthy’ Mean ‘Healthy’?

What is healthy eating?

We hear it time and time again the magic phrase ‘healthy eating’ but what does this even mean? The definition can change considerably depending on who you ask. From government guidelines, health food companies, Supermarkets and friends and families everyone claims to have the answer! So who do you listen to? What should or shouldn’t you be eating?

Healthy Eating

Whilst there is no wrong or right answer we hope to simplify this complex topic and help you understand what healthy eating means for you.

Primarily we eat to survive; our bodies require fuel to function. This is often forgotten in the modern age of fast food and eating for pleasure. If we take healthy eating back to basics a healthy diet is required to provide the body with essential nutrients for it to best perform. A healthy diet is formed from adequate energy primarily from carbohydrates, essential amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids from healthy fats, as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals from a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. If you remember these simple things when deciding what a healthy diet means to you then you are on to a good start. Base the majority of your diet on whole food sources with as little processing as possible with processed food in moderation. A healthy diet is all about balance.

We believe that leading a healthy active lifestyle doesn’t mean missing out on tempting treats! Check out our recipes section here for ideas on healthy meals and treats that you can enjoy as part of your healthy diet.

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